Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Little Princess!

Today Rowan and Nathan went to a little pumpkin party where they jumped in a bounce house, went on a hayride and played a few games. I'm not sure they recognized each other as Nathan was bundled in a dragon suit and Rowan was in her Piglet costume. It seemed a bit chilly when we set out in the morning, but once we got there, we were all hot. So, after a while, the kids were stripped of their costumes and enjoyed the festivities in their play clothes. Rowan saw Ray, the sun character of the Parks and Rec. dept. and freaked out, so we did our best to avoid him.

After the party, Rowan accompanied me to my doctor's appointment. I've gained a bit too much weight and am measuring 1 cm. too big. Hmmm, maybe this will inspire me to go to the gym, swim and make sure I'm keeping myself healthy! Also at the doctor, Rowan cracked up when they listened to the baby's heartbeat with the little monitor. Not sure what was so funny, but she really liked it.

Tonight was Rowan's first experience trick or treating. She was the sweetest little princess ever. She was so excited to wear her little crown and carry her wand and her basket. She loved her purple sparkly shoes from Grandma Rowe. Most of our neighbors weren't home when we started out so it took us a while to actually find a house that was ready for us! Rowan had worked very hard at saying "trick or treat" but once we were out there, she became a very shy and silent Rowan--a side of her she reserves for strangers only. She also was very scared of any and all inflatable characters--including Pooh and Tigger. When we would get near them, she would cuddle in with Lance and say "no, no"! But, overall she was quite proud of herself and very excited about candy. She even seemed to know what it was as she pretended to lick a lollipop. She then handed Lance and I each one piece of candy at a time and threw her basket out of the wagon. She must know the candy is forbidden. Our little family had so much fun tonight.

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