Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big 3-0

So I am no longer in my 20's. Yesterday was the big 3-0! It was a fun, relatively relaxing day. We got into Hilton Head late Friday night and woke up to a gorgeous day on Saturday. Lance, Rowan and I walked along the beach for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine. Matt, Susan, Lily and Ally's flight got in around 1, so we picked them up, headed back to the condo and put the girls down for naps. The boys went grocery shopping and Susan and I got to sit around and talk. She gave me a book with memories from friends and family which is adorable and so funny. After their long naps we went for a nice walk and brought home some really yummy pizza.

Today we spent some time at the beach and then the pool. Lily and Rowan had so much fun playing in the sand and the water. It is so warm and sunny and the weather is supposed to stay nice for at least a few more days. I imagine lots of days spent playing on the beach. Lance and I may try to go out to dinner tonight, however Rowan is currently refusing to take her nap and I'd hate to leave Matt and Susan with a very fussy little girl.

I can already imagine how sad Rowan is going to be to go back home where the is no beach, no pool and no friends living with her. I would imagine that will be a rough week.

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