Thursday, December 22, 2011


Two years ago, my mom brought over an advent calendar for each child, complete with a piece of candy tucked into a little pocket for the kids to enjoy each day. After one December of children waking up painfully early just for that little piece of candy, we learned to change things up a bit. This year, each day contained a slip of paper with an activity written on it. Some things were fun Christmas traditions (cutting down a tree, seeing a living nativity, going on a horsedrawn carriage ride, visiting Santa, etc.). Some were acts of kindness for others (caroling at an assisted living center, donating toys to the less-fortunate and randomly placing dollar bills around the dollar store). Others still had to do with food or candy but were much more fun that just popping a piece of candy into your mouth (decorating gingerbread houses, going to Biggby for hot chocolate, taking cookies to neighbors). We have had a fabulous, fun-filled and really busy month!

December Breakfasts

When Rowan is in charge

These are the pictures that are taken. I love that girl.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

Rowan is starting to ask questions I'm pretty sure I didn't ask until I was much, much older (and, admittedly, still ask today). Tonight before bed, the conversation went like this:

Rowan: If Adam and Eve had three boys, then where were the girls? How could they ever get married and have kids if there weren't any girls?

Lance: Well, maybe Adam and Eve had girls later on and we just don't hear that part of the story.

Rowan: But people can't marry someone in their own family. That is not allowed.

Lance: Well...that's true...

Rowan: Unless that rule started later.

Sooooo....I'm pretty sure we have our work more than cut out for us with this curious child.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Favorite Things: Chicago

What we did in Chicago: swim in the hotel pool, shop (American Girl for Rowan, Lego Store for Tate, H&M for me), go up to the top of the Hancock Building, eat at Rainforest Cafe, go to the very decorated Macy's, ride the subway, swim in the hotel pool (again--before bed and again in the morning), go to Trader Joe's where Rowan was thrilled to use the little cart, play at Lincoln Park Zoo, meet baby AJ.

This morning, I asked the kids what their favorite thing about Chicago was. Tate responded "Chicago? What Chicago?" Then he remembered. "The Lego Store where we played the claw. And the Hancock Building--seeing everything! And eating breakfast at the hotel with the pancakes they made to look like Mickey Mouse." Rowan's reply "Eating breakfast and going to Baby AJ's house. I liked standing up in the subway and riding the carousel at the zoo."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011, in photos

The Things They Say

Three conversations:

Tate: Mom, is Indiana a real word?
Me: Yes, Tate. It's one of the states.
Tate: Oh, I know the states. Michigan, Saturn...

Rowan, commenting on Tate's post-bath spiked-up hair: Tate, you have a mosaic in your hair!

Me, while watching Tate concentrate forever on Perler beads: Wow, Tate. You have great concentration. Are you going to be a doctor when you grow up?
Tate: NO!
Me: What do you think you'd like to do?
Tate: I want to be a Valentine!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Contents of a Mom Bag

In no particular order:
  • 1 pair boys sunglasses
  • 1 flower headband
  • 1 random "picture day" comb
  • 1 pair stretchy gloves
  • 1 cell phone
  • 5 lollipops
  • chap stick
  • 1 piece Super Bubble bubble gum
  • 1 mint
  • random paper with a tiger that says "orange"
  • 1 pack sticky notes
  • 2 McDonald's "treat packs" for our cousins (ordered while my son was saying "Wow! I've never been to McDonald's before," and I noted that, in fact, that was true.)
  • 1 wallet with random gift cards and merchandise return cards
  • 1 wallet containing $2.18, credit cards, license
  • "To Buy" list with lots of craft supplies listed
  • 1 checkbook
  • 1 powder
  • 1 mini-lotion
  • 1 camera
  • 1 Spiderman mask
  • 1 mini-hand sanitizer
  • 1 pinwheel
  • World Market receipt for wine and gum
  • 1 pipe cleaner "art"
  • 4 crayons
  • 1 tube Carmex
  • 1 spa appointment card
  • 1 pack Buzz Lightyear Kleenex
  • stack of napkins
  • 1 pen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Little Buddy

Tate and I had the perfect morning at the park. I am so in love with this kid.

Because We Could

Yesterday we went to the beach. Because it was October and sunny and 80.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

School Spirit

Each school in our district gets a designated night at the football game. Of course we can go anytime, but Rowan was so excited to make the pre-game tunnel and run across the field at halftime. She was so independent running around with the big kids.
Side note: Tate fell and hit his head on the sidewalk today. Yes, you can feel bad for him. Yes, it looks even worse in person.