Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another One (or two) Bites the Dust

This stomach flu is just making it's way through the vacationers. Last night I had trouble sleeping. There was a loud and bright lightning storm, Rowan was tossing and turning and then my mom woke up very sick and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. Today she and Michelle slept and rested most of the day. My mom was really sick. Michelle may have been sick, but I think it was more in her head than anything else.

This morning we got the kids suited up for the beach and brought out our video cameras to capture a few fun beach moments on film. Alas, the one day we are prepared it starts to rain. So the girls got a few moments of fun beach time before being hauled inside to avoid the thunder and lightning. We decided to stay away from the sick germs and take the kids to lunch. After driving around to look for Atlanta Bread, we ended up at McDonald's. I got Rowan a cheeseburger and took the meat off as Rowan has entered a self-proclaimed vegetarian diet phase. She liked that okay. I gave her a few fries which she was completely uninterested in--until I dipped one in ketchup. She looked at me with absolute glee, ate the fry and couldn't wait for more. It was so adorable watching her excitement over the ketchup!

Today was Lance's interview at Hope. It was a really long day, but he felt the interview went well. He's now on his way to the airport to head back to Charlotte. He did get to spend some time with his family tonight before leaving, which is nice. Rowan called him tonight and said "Night night, Daddy. Love you, Daddy."

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