Friday, April 26, 2013

January, in Review

So, it snowed in January.  Quite a bit.  And in February.  And in March and, sadly, even a bit in April.  Admittedly I'm not one for getting out in the winter much.  Especially not with a little baby.  But I made a few exceptions and had fun doing some winter "sports" with the kids--ice fishing, sledding behind a 4-wheeler, sledding behind a snowmobile, making giant piles of snow.  It helps that our church has a winter sports festival because the only one of those things I'm really qualified to do is make a giant pile of snow.  And I did.  The other things I left to the professionals (and ice fishing was left to Lance).  The kids loved getting out in the snow, but we also had some quiet time at home and we celebrated 3 months of Sullivan with some cute pictures.
 Tate on the climbing wall at the Children's Museum
 Making a giant bubble
 Tate loves holding Sullivan.  And he can always make Sully smile.
 Sledding behind a 4-wheeler
 Tate and Daddy ice fishing.  They caught one (but I didn't get a picture)
 Rowan jumping into a giant pile of snow
 Rowan and Tate riding on a sled behind the snowmobile
 Sully all bundled up for a day outside
 A little down time inside.
 Sullivan's dedication at church
 There's nothing better than Grandma Jackie
 Rowan had fun ice skating
 Tate, not so much
 Sullivan Jack, 3 months

December, in Review

It's now the end of April and I'm just getting around to posting pictures of December.  It snowed yesterday, though, so it still kind of feels like December.  I'm hoping to "catch up" on at least a few more major things that happened in the past several months, but in missing many days, week and months, I'm finding that I'm already forgetting the little things that made this time unique.  So once I'm caught up, I'm really hoping to do weekly updates, at least.  So I don't forget things like Tate's complete obsession with The Wild Kratts game on that I somehow started when Sully wasn't feeling well and is now a daily battle.  Or that Tate and Rowan each had a birthday and deserve a look back at the year.  Or the funny things the kids say that are, of course, now slipping my mind.

December is a pretty busy month around here.  Full of school programs, seeing family and enjoying our own family Christmas traditions.  So, here's December, or at least what I remember of it from pictures:

 Happy kids on Christmas morning at Grandma Jackie's house
 Rowan always saves her own money to buy presents for Tate.  She loves giving gifts.
 Lance making Sullivan laugh
 Sweet-talking Santa--the year's big wish was a Dream Light for each of them
 The whole family on a horse-drwan wagon ride
 The kids loved the horses.  The poor horses look a little tired, though!
 Getting ready for Tate's Christmas program
 Petting reindeer
Sullivan slept through the night for a week straight.  He was the happiest little guy!  Unfortunately that hasn't happened again.  We're all pretty tired around here!
Tate and his gingerbread house
 Rowan and her gingerbread house

The kids in front of the tree we cut down.  It was, once again, gigantic.