Sunday, May 26, 2013

February in Review

February was a busy month for us.  Which was a good thing because without a lot going on, we would have just spent a lot of time watching the snow fall.  Lots and lots of snow.  We had some great times--Mommy-Big Kid date night to Disney on Ice, a special day out with Tate and TWO Daddy-Daughter dinners for Rowan and Lance.  And, of course, my favorite little boy turned FIVE!  But that deserves an entire post.
Big kids at Disney on Ice.  The perfect mix of girl (princesses) and boy (Toy Story, Incredibles) and fun for all of us.  Great seats, snacks and fun.
Dancing with her glow butterfly 
Loving his orange glow trident
A day out just me and my boy
Daddy-Daughter dance at school
Rowan wanted to wear a dress with a very full skirt so she could spin and it would fly out.
Rowan, Caidence and Katelynn
Rowan and Lance at the 50's themed Daddy-Daughter dinner.  

 Rowan in the 50's car getting ready for the drag race


Our snow family

 Tate and Lucy in our snow tunnel

Friday, April 26, 2013

January, in Review

So, it snowed in January.  Quite a bit.  And in February.  And in March and, sadly, even a bit in April.  Admittedly I'm not one for getting out in the winter much.  Especially not with a little baby.  But I made a few exceptions and had fun doing some winter "sports" with the kids--ice fishing, sledding behind a 4-wheeler, sledding behind a snowmobile, making giant piles of snow.  It helps that our church has a winter sports festival because the only one of those things I'm really qualified to do is make a giant pile of snow.  And I did.  The other things I left to the professionals (and ice fishing was left to Lance).  The kids loved getting out in the snow, but we also had some quiet time at home and we celebrated 3 months of Sullivan with some cute pictures.
 Tate on the climbing wall at the Children's Museum
 Making a giant bubble
 Tate loves holding Sullivan.  And he can always make Sully smile.
 Sledding behind a 4-wheeler
 Tate and Daddy ice fishing.  They caught one (but I didn't get a picture)
 Rowan jumping into a giant pile of snow
 Rowan and Tate riding on a sled behind the snowmobile
 Sully all bundled up for a day outside
 A little down time inside.
 Sullivan's dedication at church
 There's nothing better than Grandma Jackie
 Rowan had fun ice skating
 Tate, not so much
 Sullivan Jack, 3 months

December, in Review

It's now the end of April and I'm just getting around to posting pictures of December.  It snowed yesterday, though, so it still kind of feels like December.  I'm hoping to "catch up" on at least a few more major things that happened in the past several months, but in missing many days, week and months, I'm finding that I'm already forgetting the little things that made this time unique.  So once I'm caught up, I'm really hoping to do weekly updates, at least.  So I don't forget things like Tate's complete obsession with The Wild Kratts game on that I somehow started when Sully wasn't feeling well and is now a daily battle.  Or that Tate and Rowan each had a birthday and deserve a look back at the year.  Or the funny things the kids say that are, of course, now slipping my mind.

December is a pretty busy month around here.  Full of school programs, seeing family and enjoying our own family Christmas traditions.  So, here's December, or at least what I remember of it from pictures:

 Happy kids on Christmas morning at Grandma Jackie's house
 Rowan always saves her own money to buy presents for Tate.  She loves giving gifts.
 Lance making Sullivan laugh
 Sweet-talking Santa--the year's big wish was a Dream Light for each of them
 The whole family on a horse-drwan wagon ride
 The kids loved the horses.  The poor horses look a little tired, though!
 Getting ready for Tate's Christmas program
 Petting reindeer
Sullivan slept through the night for a week straight.  He was the happiest little guy!  Unfortunately that hasn't happened again.  We're all pretty tired around here!
Tate and his gingerbread house
 Rowan and her gingerbread house

The kids in front of the tree we cut down.  It was, once again, gigantic.

Friday, March 15, 2013

November, In Review

The highlight of November was probably Tate's Thanksgiving program--where he sang every song with such gusto I almost couldn't contain myself.  It really was the cutest thing ever.  I must find a video to post.  I was also able to get away for a few special times with Rowan--muffins with Mom at school and a fun American Girl night.  Lance took the kids to meet Alex Morgan when she was in town.  Lance was super excited to meet her.  The kids were super excited that they were handing out Sprite in line.  We spent a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving at my mom's and, true to Pellow form, took no pictures at all.

 Tate loves trying to get Sully to smile.  Clearly he's pretty good at it!
 Rowan and I at Muffins with Mom.  
 Lance and the kids met Alex Morgan--Lance was much more starstruck than the kids
 Bonding with bedhead
 Tate's adorableness in his Thanksgiving program costume
Rowan and Emma at an American Girl event

Sunday, March 10, 2013

October, in review

Clearly I haven't updated this blog since Sullivan's birth.  He's now 5 months old.  So I'm going to do my best to go through these past months and at least write down some highlights.  I don't want to forget the fun, adorable stages of my kids (but I might want to forget the sleepless nights, seemingly ceaseless crying and the few bouts of mastitis).

October was our first month as a family of 5.   I spent a while recovering from a c-section, holding a sweet, tiny little newborn, and attempting to keep things as normal as possible for the older kids.  In addition to Sullivan's birth day, we celebrated my mom's birthday and my own birthday.  We celebrated Halloween and first smiles.

 Sweet pea Sully did not think the costume was such a great idea
 Jack-o-lantern pancakes for breakfast
 Cutest little soccer player
Sullivan's first smiles
Pumpkin carving
The veterinarian and soccer player