Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Girly Girl--sort of

I wasn't planning on blogging today as most of the day was spent with sick little Roway laying on my chest--not that I minded a bit. We missed the luncheon with the moms group at church because Rowan woke up, once again, covered in vomit. After a forced bath, Rowan wanted nothing more than to be held. Since she's not usually a cuddler, I tried to soak up as much of it as I could. I set up a doctor's appointment for 2:40 and then we cuddled the rest of the day. Since we were a bit early for the appointment, we headed to Pier 1 Kids where I bought Rowan a pair of butterfly wings and a ballet skirt for dress up clothes. Then, off to the doctor. On the way there, Rowan had a severe episode of diarrhea which was leaking through her shirt by the time we got in the door. Though this wasn't a good thing, they were able to get a stool sample without any anal probing, which I consider quite miraculous. When I finally cleaned poop up off of Rowan and the nurse changed the paper on the examination table, Rowan proceeded to pee all over herself--twice. I felt quite unprepared as I had to get some wipes from the nurse to clean it all up. So, in a few days, I can look forward to the stool sample results.

Rowan fell asleep on the way home, so that was her big 10-minute power nap for the day. Once we were home, she ate an entire yogurt which is more than she's eaten in days, but then she managed to have major diarrhea which soaked through 2 more outfits. By the time Lance got home, she was just in a onesie as I figured it was pretty pointless to continue putting on matching outfits at this point. She did, however, make sure that she had a bow in her hair and then she wanted to wear some very boyish light-up Sesame Street shoes (compliments of Grandma Rowe). And, for a finishing touch, the new purple butterfly wings. What a goofball. I love that, despite being sick, she was still able to have a little fun today.

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