Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grandma Relief Squad

Yesterday morning Matt left to head back to Grand Rapids and "Team Grandma" (plus Aunt Michelle) arrived in Hilton Head. Matt left early in the morning after a night of being very sick. Susan and I cleaned up a bit, did a huge amount of laundry and got the girls down for their naps. Judy, Donna, Jackie and Michelle got in around 2. We got somewhat organized and then the girls woke up and my mom and I took Rowan down to the beach to play. Of course my mom is amazed at how much Rowan is saying and doing. They had so much fun playing all day.

This morning Rowan woke up and I put her in bed with me and my mom. She didn't notice my mom at first and, when she did, she got quite upset. I think she was expecting Lance and was rather confused when my mom rolled over to say hi. Her little face was priceless. My mom, Michelle, Susan and I were able to get out and do a little shopping while the girls were sleeping. Judy and Donna were nice enough to stay home with them.

Then this evening, a bit more beach time and a yummy dinner. Lance sent a box of yummy chocolate covered fruit yesterday and we finished it up today. A nice, delicious way to end the day.

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