Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy 18 Month Birthday, Rowan!

Today my little baby is 18 months old. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Sure there are days that seem very long, but the past year and a half seems like a blink of an eye!

Today we celebrated the day by going to gymnastics, which is always a bit hit. Then we had a lunch/playdate with Nathan and Trang, also a big hit. Rowan and Nathan are very cute together, especially the goodbye hug and kiss. Today Nathan knocked Rowan over with such a big hug and, of course, they must kiss right on the lips. I really must videotape this. After nap, we went to the park, which is also a bit hit. So, we had a busy, fun day. Rowan had macaroni and cheese for lunch and pizza for dinner. Unhealthy, but Rowan loves it. So, it was a fun day that we ended by dancing to the Dixie Chicks in the kitchen. Of course Harley and Sebastian may not have been quite as thrilled as Rowan and myself when I made them do Ring Around the Rosie with us.

Rowan, you are becoming such a little girl. You still love running, climbing and dirt. But today when Nathan was over, you decided you wanted to wear 4 hairbows and were very excited to show Trang your dress-up clothes--especially the pink frilly skirt. You like to pick out your own clothes, shoes and bow. Today you wore a pink shirt with an orange bow. I'm sure you would have picked out some interesting shoes, but I grabbed your white Crocs before you had a chance to pick any out. I can already picture the outfits you will be picking out. You like to take my eyelash curler and pretend you are curling your lashes. You always try to get into my makeup. Soon enough I will be painting your toe nails and maybe you will even allow me to put your hair in pigtails one of these days.

You are becoming much more vocal. I should try to list all of your words, but I know I would miss so many. Here is a very incomplete list, starting with animals and animal sounds: grrr, buk buk, duck, woof woof, pig, ah ah ah (for monkey), neigh neigh, me (meow), moo moo, hi, eek eek, bird, hoo hoo, hop hop, baa baa, fish, juice, more, please, eat, mommy, daddy, mama, dada, baby, Ro Ro, book, beep beep, no, whee, up, down, mac mac (for macaroni), bow, mirror (sounds more like "more"), rock, stick, ball, bug, Ed (the man who painted our house), Thy, Na (for Nathan) bath, toot toot, knee, wowee, shoe, butt butt (oops, we shouldn't have taught you that). You can also repeat most of the letters of the alphabet when we say them and when we get to "r", you say "Ro ro!"

For all the climbing you love to do, you still love to be carried down the stairs--even though you are very capable of walking down them all by yourself. You are a true mommy's girl. You want to be near me or carried by me constantly. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's overwhelming. But, I love that you love me. I'm sure when you're 15 (or younger), I'll have to beg you to spend time with me. So, I'll try to enjoy every minute of your clinginess, even when it means you are hanging on my leg.

You are such a blessing and a gift to our family. Your daddy and I love you more than you can imagine. Happy 1.5 birthday, Rowan!

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