Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moo Moo, Baa Baa

This morning Rowan and I were very busy. Rowan decided to wake up nice and early at around 6:15. We had time to play at home for a bit and then went to Rowan's doctor's appointment. The big 18-month checkup. For some reason I thought that there were no vaccinations at this appointment, but I was wrong. Rowan was all smiles for Dr. Samarel. She pulled all of the books out of the basket and climbed in herself. She was as giggly as could be, running all around the room. She was even a trooper for the shots. A few tears, but then it was over and she was better.

After the appointment, we bought the Little People Sweet Sounds dollhouse which I think Rowan will love. Then we were off to the farm and pumpkin patch with the girls from my mom's group at church. Rowan had a great time running around and picking up all of the pumpkins. She wasn't so impressed with the hayride, but liked seeing the cows, petting the rabbit and feeding the sheep and goats. She fed a few sheep quite fearlessly, but was a little more nervous with the goats. She would run up with her little cup of food, squeal and laugh, say "no" and run back. She had a great time. We all stayed and had a little picnic and ate cupcakes for my birthday. Rowan was exhausted when we got home and is now sleeping.

We leave tomorrow for Hilton Head Island for two weeks. I'm sure tonight I will be busy packing OUR NEW MINIVAN for the trip. Yes, the decision has finally been made and Lance is picking up the minivan today. I can't wait for the space! I never thought I would be this excited to get a minivan! What a total mom I am.

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