Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zazza and Hardu

Lately Rowan has been talking about Zazza and Hardu. Now many of her words are quite understandable at this point, but these are two I couldn't figure out for a bit. I have now realized that Zazza is Sebastian and Hardu is Harley. Rowan ran around trying to kiss her Zazza and Hardu tonight. I think she enjoyed it a bit more than they did, but I sure loved it.

We also (finally) decorated a pumpkin. Fortunately Rowan has no idea that this is normally done before Halloween. Lance bought a Mr. potato Head pumpkin kit so we could just stick the lips, eyes, ears, etc. onto the pumpkin. It turned out cute, Rowan thought it was funny and there was no mess involved whatsoever.

It was a gorgeous day today. Rowan and I went to gymnastics which is probably Rowan's favorite activity. Then we played at the park for an hour or so before heading home for lunch and a nap. Randomly I had to tutor early today and Miriam's mom watched Rowan for me while I tutored Miriam. It actually worked relatively well and I was able to eat dinner without rushing.

Tomorrow we're excited to go out to lunch with Lance and then have a nice weekend. I would say a relaxing weekend, but Lance has decided to have a yard sale, so I can only imagine the chaos of Friday night and Saturday morning...

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