Monday, September 3, 2007

The End of the Long Weekends...

Ah, so the lovely summer of Lance's long weekends is at a close. In the summer, he is able to work long days and take Friday off. It's been so nice having 3-day weekends every weekend. And, with labor day this weekend, it was a 4-day weekend! We had great aspirations to have lots of family fun and some relaxation as well. On Friday we went for a nice bike ride in the morning, Rowan grabbing my shirt the whole way. After the ride, Rowan took a nap and then we all went shopping for a (GASP) minivan! We looked at several at CarMax and decided to think about one overnight and make a decision the next day.

We woke up Saturday and went to the Labor Day parade in Matthews. I was so excited for Rowan to see the parade and go to the festival, ride the train and run around. But, alas, we got to the parade, parked and realized not long after the parade started, that Rowan was quite glassy-eyed and sleepy. Upon feeling her forehead, we realized that she was sick. Poor little thing. So, we hopped in the car and headed home. Or, I should say, tried to head home. We had parked at the library and were blocked in by the parade on all sides. Rowan fell asleep in the car, so we just waited by an exit until the parade was over and left.

In between Rowan's two naps (yes, two naps, she really was sick), we decided to buy our minivan. Lance bought it and drove it home. I drove it around and realized that it didn't have the remote sliding doors that I thought it did. And the doors were pretty hard to close. I could get them open okay, but then I had to keep yanking on the doors to close them. I was so frustrated I sent Lance to return the car. He was not happy with me in the least, but I'd rather hold out for the car I want. I can only imagine carrying two small children while trying to yank the door closed.

Sunday Rowan woke up feeling much better. Lance made pancakes and we relaxed in the morning. We took a wagon ride and played outside for a bit. For some reason, Rowan refused to take a nap, maybe since she took two yesterday. So, I packed her up and took her to Matthews Alive while Lance did his first fantasy football draft. She wasn't too thrilled about being in her stroller, but we had fun walking around, riding the train and sharing a frozen banana (so yummy). We ran into a few friends while we were there. Rowan slept very well.

Today we had a relaxing morning and went to Trader Joe's for a few little treats. I'm very excited about their organic fruit spreads for $2. Last week was raspberry, but this week I went for the cherry. Also had to try the dried, sweetened hibicus flowers. Who knew they were edible? During Rowan's nap, I joined her with a nice nap of my own. First I read a little more in the fifth Harry Potter. I think I'm going to go ahead and finish reading them all. I really want to know how the series ends!

Lance took Rowan to the grocery store when she woke up so I could sleep a little longer. They bought lots of fun goodies for a picnic. When I woke up, we headed over to the park and played and ate. Rowan ran around, digging in the sand, playing with bubbles, showing us lots of rocks, and swinging and sliding. She came home sticky, dirty and very happy. In the bathtub, she loves to try to catch water with her hands and put it in her cup. She clearly doesn't quite understand the difference between solids and liquids. It is just the cutest thing. She is also say "mamado" all of the time. Lance and I cannot figure out what she is trying to say. "My turn"? "Mother"? "Tomato"? What is it?

Now Lance is doing another fantasy football draft, so I caught up a bit with my blog and will probably read a little more Harry Potter before watching The Hills (my guilty pleasure) at 10.

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