Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And the Stomach Bug Continues

Rowan woke up as happy as could be and ready to play, so we went over to Trang and Nathan's for a playdate. The kids had lots of fun running around and eating lots of snacks. Nathan is quite a talker, so I'm hoping Rowan will decide to start using some words, too.

When we came home, lunch was a fight and Rowan only ate a bit of a cereal bar before heading down for a nice nap. After her nap, we headed out to the grocery store. Since we were just picking up a few things, I put her in the stroller and we walked the aisles. Soon I smelled a rather unfortunate odor, looked down and realized that Rowan had pooped completely through her diaper and her dress. There was poop all over her dress and the stroller. We had to head out of the store and work some magic in the back of the station wagon. Yes, I was the mother with an angry naked child in the back of a car. There was poop everywhere and I was just hoping no one I knew was anywhere around. Rowan sported a diaper the whole way home. When we got home and I picked out some new clothes for Rowan, I went to put them on and realized the dreaded diarrhea struck again. Yes, yet another diaper full. Fortunately it stayed in the diaper this time. Once Rowan was dressed, we headed outside where I cleaned her stroller and she ran around.

Lance picked up some pizza for dinner since I hadn't had a chance to finish my grocery shopping. During dinner, yet again, Rowan had a diaper explosion. Poor thing has quite the raw bottom. I'm really hoping that was the last of it. We're hoping to have Rowan's first gymnastics class tomorrow!

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