Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rowan's First Gymnastics Class

I knew Rowan was awake this morning when I heard her little voice saying "No, nnnnnnno, nnnnnnno" through the baby monitor. I'm not sure why the obsession with the word "no" has come about, but she clearly enjoys saying "no" more than anything else. This morning when I asked Rowan if she wanted more waffle, she said "no" and then promptly signed "More, please." Does Rowan just like the sound of the word "no"? Does it feel funny to say the word "no"? Does she just love to disagree with me? Let's hope for one of the first two.

Rowan woke up again with a disgustingly blown-out diaper, this time the poop was running down one of her legs. After an enjoyable time cleaning that up, we had breakfast and played before heading out to her first gymnastics class. What a riot! We first sat down to sing songs. While the other children were sitting quietly on their mom's laps, Rowan was running headfirst into a large foam platform in the middle of the circle. I found it quite amusing and I'm hoping the other moms did as well. I'm sure some of them were thinking I needed to control my child. I will say, though, that she is one of the youngest in the class, so I have that to my advantage.

After "circle time", it was pretty much a free for all on the equipment. It's a great facility with tons to do. Rowan especially loved the trampoline, the large climbing mats and the slides. She was rather intimidated by the huge foam pit the other children seemed to congregate in. Oh well, maybe I can get her in there before the end of the session. At the end of the class, the kids all earned a stamp on their hand. Rowan was so excited about her stamp that she went back for another. The whole way home (at least the part when she wasan't begging for snacks), she kept pointing at her hands, saying "bee". The stamp was really an angel, but hey, they both have wings. I'll have to remember to get some stamps out to give her if she's feeling sad.

We had a painter come out to do an estimate this afternoon. The dogs, of course, were barking loudly and woke Rowan up almost an hour early. So, we headed to the grocery store for a bit and then came back home. After putting away the groceries, I started feeling sick and spent an hour in and out of the bathroom. It's never fun trying to entertain a toddler while sitting on the toilet. At one point, she just wanted to sit on my lap. When does Rowan ever want to sit on my lap? I called Lance hoping he could come home early, but he was so busy at work he didn't get home until 7. When he got home, I handed over Rowan (who was, I think, quite ready to be rid of me) and moped for a bit.

Tonight is opening night of the football season. Somewhat exciting, though I'm sure every free moment of Lance's will be spent in one of three ways: 1. watching football 2. obsessing over fantasy football scores/talking trash to friends in his leagues 3. "researching" players for his fantasy teams. Ahhh, such a productive fall I'm sure we'll have...

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