Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh No, It's Monkey Joe!

What a nice day! I am loving the cooler temperatures--high around 80, cooler in the mornings and evenings. Rowan and I went for a nice, long walk this morning while Lance tried to fix the weed wacker and was able to get a little yard work done. We then all played outside, swinging, sliding and kicking a soccer ball. Harley even played a little fetch. Rowan has been saying "beta" (bay-TAH) lately. Neither of us have a clue what that means. While Rowan took a nap, we were able to get a little laundry done and I went to a consignment sale, but didn't find anything too exciting.

After Rowan's nap, we went to the Charlotte Mommies birthday party. There were a few Gymboree toys there to play on. Rowan climbed up and went down the slide once. The bounce houses that were advertised didn't seem to be there. We did get some yummy food. And we found out that Rowan is extremely scared of large characters. Monkey Joe was there. I took Rowan to see Monkey Joe, thinking she would find him funny. He is a large purple character of some kind. You would think he would be a monkey, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, we walked over to say hi and I could feel Rowan shaking in my arms. She then let out the loudest scream and started crying. My little daredevil has never really been scared before. I was shocked! Poor little thing. After that, she didn't want to stray too far from mommy or daddy. When Rowan was a few months old, she was sitting next to Harley, looked over and saw Harley and did the same thing. But, she got used to Harley, so maybe she'll get used to large characters as well. If not, I would imagine Disney World would be like a haunted house to Rowan.

After the party, a little more outside time, a nice snack, and then it was time for bed. Lance is out buying milk, juice, ice cream and muffins (you know, the essentials) while I do today's blog. Then we'll probably enjoy a bit of TV or a movie before I finish the night by reading a little more of Harry Potter 7. I just want to know how it all ends! I'm such a nerdy bookworm. Off to enjoy a few pages before Lance gets home...

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