Sunday, September 16, 2007

How Lucky I Am

It's 2:00 on a Sunday and I am sitting outside in a hammock, playing on my computer. After going to church and then Trader Joe's, we came home, ate lunch, put Rowan to bed and watched a great Panthers touchdown before Lance headed off to his soccer game and I headed to the hammock. Sounds quite dreamy, doesn't it? After this post, I will delve into my book and enjoy until Rowan wakes up. Then, I will probably attempt to have her join me, but I don't imagine a sedentary afternoon in the hammock is really what will be on her agenda.

I often find myself envious of friends' big houses, expensive cars and funds for babysitters and date nights several times a week. But, really, I am so fortunate to have everything that I do. I have a house (albeit one that, I'm afraid, might have some serious foundation issues), a wonderful husband, a hilariously fun little girl, a baby on the way and I'm able to be a stay-at-home mom--at least for the time being. Today in church, one of our pastors reminded us that many children in Asia, Africa and South America have to work for pennies a day to help support their families. It makes me hurt so much for those parents who aren't able to be with their children, to watch them run and play and to send them to school. So, even though I don't have all of the things I might wish I had, I have everything I need and more.

So, teenage Rowan and Sprout, when I won't buy you the designer jeans you're begging for, it's not that I don't understand (in fact, I probably want them, too) or that I don't love you (you'll never know how much I do). But, remember, you have so much more than most kids in the world. We are all so blessed that God has given us so much.

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