Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Stomach Bug

After feeling pretty yucky much of yesterday, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised when Rowan woke up crying around midnight with a rather nasty diaper. After Lance and I both tried cuddling with her, I brought her into bed with us, hoping for some good cuddle time. She rested on my chest for about 5 minutes and then decided it was play time. Some good rolling around, jumping on the bed and laughing. Clearly my hopes of cuddling were out the door. So, I did her whole bedtime routine again--tylenol, sippy of milk, lots of stories, songs, etc. and put her back to bed around 2am. She slept for the rest of the night.

Of course, I was rather tired when Rowan woke up this morning. I was very tempted at the idea of turning on the TV and relaxing while Rowan drank in the sights and sounds, but I refrained. We ate breakfast and headed outside with the hope of getting in a little fresh air before the high of 97 hit. Swinging, sliding and picking up random leaves lasted for about 30 minutes and then we played inside until naptime. After naptime, some more playing inside and lots of reading books and playing with stickers. When I (finally) changed Rowan into some clothes, she said "pit, pit". I think she was trying to say "pretty". And, of course, she did look quite pretty in her little pink outfit. Lance got home early (yeah!), so we decided to have an early dinner and then go to Dairy Queen. A Kit Kat blizzard can make a pretty mundane day seem much more exciting!

Looking forward to our playdate with Nathan tomorrow and gymnastics on Thursday!

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