Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rowan's Adorable Obsessions

Let me just say that Rowan has two relatively new obsessions, both which make me laugh. The first is kissing. Now, she'll kiss me if I ask her to, but she just loves, lately, to kiss any and all characters in her books. She kisses them and makes the "mwah" sound. Pooh and Piglet? Mwah. A large, hairy pop-out spider? Mwah. Books take at least twice as long to read, which is okay with me since reading is about the only thing she will sit on my lap for. The other obsession is during bathtime. She loves to fill her cup with water, dump it over her head and yell "Whee"! She must have done this at least 50 times in the tub tonight. She especially likes to fill the cup up under the spout--it is not the same to just dip it in the water. When she initially started this, she would try to grab water with her hands out of the flow from the faucet and place it in the cup. I'm not sure what led her to realize this was not the most efficient way to fill the cup, but she has made the leap to putting the cup, instead of her hands, under the faucet.

Rowan has also decided lately that it's very fun to give her snack and drink to her little stuffed Piglet. She holds a piece of food or a cup up to Piglet's mouth and makes a smacking noise. It's just so cute. I think I'll need to splurge and get a little table and chairs and a teaset so we can have fun tea parties soon.

We went to look at a van again today. It was pretty far from our house, so after looking we took Rowan to a mall out that way with a great play area. She was squealing and running all around. She had such a great time. After a very long nap, we attempted to take her to the Greek Festival which we have enjoyed several times since moving here. It started out well. Rowan was happy hanging out in the backpack. We looked around a bit and ordered some yummy lamb, grape leaves, spanikopita, Greek meatballs and a yummy, but strangely sweet noodle and meat dish. Also a yummy Greek salad. This is when things started getting a little crazy. We finally found a place to sit among the thousands (literally) of other people. Lance and I quickly realized that there was no way we could eat at the same time as Rowan just wanted to run around once she found freedom outside of the backpack. About half way through dinner, we decided to cut the festival short and head home. Next year, I think we'll order food and bring it home. In any case, we had lots of yummy food and I think Rowan enjoyed people watching and seeing a bit of Greek dancing before we headed out.

Rowan's diaper rash is getting worse. We gave her some diaper free time after her bath. Of course, she managed to pee all over Lance and the glider in her room. 5 dirty diapers today. I'm pretty sure we'll be making a trip to see Dr. Samarel on Monday.

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