Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Panthers!

So, Lance and I are currently watching the Panthers-Steelers preseason game and hoping that they can only improve--right? It can't get any worse than the last game. Tonight at dinner we taught Rowan the touchdown cheer and she was quite excited. She kept raising her arms and waiting for us to yell "Touchdown"! She was also excitedly clapping along and we chanted "Let's Go, Panthers", which strangely is the one thing that always made her stop crying when she was little and we were in the car.

Yesterday Rowan and I went swimming at the Y in the morning. There weren't many people there and the few older kids there thought it was fun to play with a baby, so Rowan was thrilled. I also signed Rowan up for gymnastics which I think she'll love--any reason to run around is great to her! In the afternoon, we headed over to Stacy and Madison's for an impromptu playdate. Rowan and Madison are so similar and loved running all around. Lance had a dinner meeting, so he got home just as Rowan was getting ready for bed. It was a long day, but pretty fun. And, Lance brought me a yummy piece of cheesecake.

Today Rowan and I went to the Nature Museum with Trang and Nathan. We got to see lots of animals--frogs, turtles, doves, butterflies, insects. The kids loved crawling around in the tunnels and Rowan especially enjoyed trying to eat chalk. Another mom at the museum was wearing two babies (one on her front, one on her back) and carrying a toddler. You know what else she was wearing? A smile! She was loving it! So, it's nice to know there can be lots of sunny, happy times ahead!

After Rowan's nap, we ventured to Target for a few things and it was kind of nice to browse the aisles. Rowan was happy as long as I was continuously handing her snacks. I figure, while I can, I need to enjoy this time where Rowan doesn't know how to ask me to buy her things and I don't have another baby that I'm trying to tote around.

This is the last week Lance will be able to work long days and take a three-day weekend, so we're going to try to thoroughly enjoy our family time--especially since this weekend is a 4-day weekend. Had we thought ahead a bit, we might have tried to get away for the weekend. The coolness of the mountains would have been wonderful.

I think I may make some cookies now. I'm in the mood for something gooey and chocolatey...yum.

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