Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweet, Sick Little Girl

Poor, poor little Rowan. She just can't catch a break. The past few weeks have been pretty rough and today was no exception. Rowan was up quite a bit last night--kind of whining for a bit and then falling back asleep. She then woke up earlier than usual this morning. I was pretty sure she was teething, so we packed up and went to the park to keep her mind off of it. After lots of running around, playing with trucks in the sand and climbing, we headed off to gymnastics--typically one of the highlights of Rowan's week. But today, she was much more interested in being held and whining. She did jump on the trampoline and have some fun, but she was not usual wild self at all. On the way home she fell asleep in the car--completely unheard of. Then, we went home where she took a 15-minute nap.

After the nap, I had to get out of the house with Rowan since she was so, so pathetic. So we did a little Target run and then did some grocery shopping. When we got home, I tried to give Rowan a snack which she was not interested in. So, I gave her a cup of milk and read her books, hoping she'd be up for a little nap. Near the end of the cup, though, she threw up. And I mean, she really threw up. It was everywhere. All over me, all over her, all over the carpet, all over her chair. It was even coming out her nose. She was so hysterical she wouldn't let me put her down. So, after holding her for a while, I had to attempt to clean us off. I stripped us both down and we hopped in the tub. She was shivering from her fever and screaming her little head off. So, we got out, wrapped in a towel and laid in bed together. I called Lance crying and asked him to come home. I just didn't know what to do with the amount of vomit that was everywhere. I have never seen Rowan so upset. We took her temp. tonight--103--and we kind of forced her to take a bath. Then, we put her right to bed.

I'm not looking forward to tonight--I'm afraid none of us will be sleeping much. I am exhausted after spending the day worrying. And I had to cancel our huge playdate that we were hosting tomorrow. My poor little girl.

I can't wait until Rowan is back to normal. I really miss all of her smiles and giggles and silly quirks.

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