Friday, September 7, 2007

Time with Friends

After a good night's sleep (finally!) for both Rowan and myself, we decided to have a few friends over. Trang and Nathan came over and then Stacy dropped Madison off while she went to the DMV. Lots of playing, a huge mess, and three sleepy kids. Rowan took a great nap.

After her nap, we went to the pool with Ashley and Olivia Jane. Rowan enjoyed stealing all of the other kids' toys and throwing them in the pool while I retrieved them. While at the pool, we heard the birth story of another neighbor. A nice, quick homebirth to a 9 pound 2 ounce baby. Wow! Not only do I think I could never do that, I also can't imagine Lance calmly catching the baby. And, really, what would Rowan be doing? Fortunately this mom's other child was sleeping at the time. I wish I could be so calm and relaxed, but really, a stable, sterile, hospital environment is my choice.

After dinner tonight Rowan had a nice bath and lots of naked time (peeing on the carpet in her room not once, but twice) before we had to put her in a diaper. Four rounds of diarrhea today and about that many each day this week has given her quite the diaper rash. Fortunately she actually enjoys drinking Pedialyte, but if this continues through the weekend, we'll be off to the doctor on Monday.

Lance and I watched a good soccer movie after Rowan's nap and are looking forward to a nice, busy weekend.

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