Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still a Little Off...

Rowan is just not herself yet. She had such a hard time getting to sleep for her nap and for bed tonight. She got sick again yesterday, but it was not nearly the upsetting experience of Thursday. We spent yesterday and this morning trying to relax a bit, but decided to go to the park to run around for a bit this afternoon. Rowan had fun collecting pinecones and rocks, having a snack, then swinging and sliding. She refers to both a swing and a slide as "whee" which I find quite adorable. It was a really nice afternoon.

Rowan's eating habits have, of late, left much to be desired. My child, who once ate anything given to her, is now eating very little of anything at all. Tonight for dinner, she refused peas, carrots, sunbutter and jam sandwich, chili and applesauce. She ended up eating a piece of white bread for dinner. White bread. Full of vitamins and minerals. (Can you sense the sarcasm?) We only have white bread in the house because of the digestive issues of the past few weeks. Whatever will she eat when it's gone?

Today we also bought Rowan a Piglet costume for Halloween. Of course I already have a princess dress for her, but one can never have too many costumes, right? Rowan saw the Piglet costume hanging in our bedroom and seems quite excited. It's a bit big on her and may be a little too warm to actually wear on Halloween, but I'm pretty sure it will provide lots of fun dressing up over the next year or so. One of Rowan's favorite "games" is finding Piglet in the morning. (He is always in a canister or container sitting on the table at her place). She sees the container, gets very excited, looks at me and says "Pig?" and then opens the container and yells "Pig!" She then enjoys putting Pig in the container and pulling him out.

After bath tonight, Rowan went pee-pee in the potty again. I still laugh that I call it "pee-pee" and "potty". I feel I'm probably losing all capability of conversing with adults that don't have children. I found a quite funny blog ( that is devoted to the ridiculous improper use of quotation marks. I think I should really start my own grammar blog devoted to the lack of use of adverbs. I'm sure I could find countless examples of seemingly intelligent people who have, somehow, never learned the importance of the adverb in the English language. Poor Lance had to learn quite quickly about adverbs when we were dating and I corrected his grammar constantly. Why did he deal with me? I guess that's love for you!

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