Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two Beautiful Words...

Under Contract. Yeah! Our house in Charlotte is officially under contract. We negotiated a deal on Saturday and signed the paperwork yesterday. Of course, we then had two more second showings on Sunday, one of whom was ready to make an offer. But, we're pleased enough with the terms of the contract and are set to close April 10. I'm cautiously optimistic. So, Lance and I will be planning a family trip to Charlotte to pack the rest of our things and visit friends. I'm sure a flight with two kids under the age of two coupled with the bittersweet moment of leaving our first home will present some challenges--mainly testing my sanity--but I can't help but be thrilled!

Now we just need to decide where we will be storing all of our stuff--our options are:
1. a storage unit. Great option. But, I'm kind of excited to get our things back and would ideally like to be able to rummage around and find what I need right away.

2. the garage. Good option. But, I'm not sure both Lance and I could park in the driveway and fit.

3. the basement. Also a good option, but this is currently one of Rowan's two play areas and also the place where the television is currently kept (though I have watched a total of 2 times since moving here over two months ago).

Most likely, we will come up with some sort of combination of options 2 and 3. Of course we now are also faced with the decision of where to live in Michigan. Our top choice in terms of a city is East Grand Rapids, though we've pretty much decided the drive might be too much for Lance each day--especially in the winter. Other options are Holland (though I'm not sold on the schools), Zeeland (like the schools, but not so sure about the town), Hudsonville (love the schools, but am not a big fan of the lack of things to do), Grandville (more to do and decent schools) and Jenison (really, I know nothing about this town except that it's halfway between Holland and Grand Rapids).

And a quick update on family life--Tate is now 10 days old. As of 6 days old, he had regained the 8 ounces he initally lost and is in the 95th percentile for weight. I believe Rowan was in the 5th percentile at this age. So, I suppose they are equidistant from the average 50th percentile mark. We've had a few decent nights of sleep and a few sleepless nights, but overall, things are going well. Rowan is quite jealous and loves to snatch Tate's hat off of his head and steal his blanket. When asked what she would like to do, she says "Play Mommy. No Tate." She also likes to say that Tate lives at Grandma's house, though she'll be in for a rude awakening when Grandma goes home tomorrow and Tate stays here. I, personally, haven't left the house since getting back from the hospital (except for a brief doctor's appointment for Tate, a trip to the OB to check out Tate's circumcision and some playtime in the backyard with Rowan making an enormous snowman while she eats the "nummy" snow) and am really longing for a trip to Target or to take Rowan to library time. But having a baby during RSV season kind of quarantines us to the house for a while. Hopefully spring will be here soon and we can at least run around outside.

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Stephanie said...

1. Yeah! Congrats on the house! Now, come be my neighbor.

2. I enjoy the word "equidistant."

3. For goodness sake, make Lance (or your mom, or someone) stay home with Tate for even an hour so you can venture out and breathe some new air! Take Rowan someplace fun for an outing. You will feel like a whole new person. =)