Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Real Date and a Sobbing Child

Yesterday marked my first date with Lance in a long, long time--since October to be exact. After the job offer, any time we had someone watch Rowan, we were busy readying our house for the sale, packing and spending time doing less than exciting, yet necessary, things in Charlotte. Yesterday, when Rowan was down for her nap and Tate had been fed, Lance and I went out for a nice, quiet lunch. We went to City Vu (pronounced "view", and despite the ridiculous spelling, it is a yummy restaurant that is absolutely in no way related to the strip club Deja Vu). I ate things Lance would never eat at home--butternut bisque and a flatbread with winter squash, mushroom ragout and gruyere cheese. Quite delicious. We then walked down 8th Street even though it was cold and windy (but the sun was out!!!) Really, it was a perfect afternoon.

Things at home have been a little less than perfect, however. Poor, poor little Rowan is having the hardest time. She sobs anytime I leave the room, especially at night or naptime, crying and yelling for "mommy". I was very tempted to climb into bed with her and cuddle until she fell asleep. But, if I did it tonight, I'm certain she'd want it every night. So, I refrained and she fell asleep eventually. I think we are throwing a large number of huge changes at her in a short amount of time. First, we left Charlotte, including all of her friends, activities and perfect park weather to move here. Then we moved into a new house, then we decided to bless her with a new baby brother. I know one day she really will feel blessed (at least I certainly hope she will), but, wow, that's a lot for a not-quite-two year old to handle in just 2 months. Really, it's a lot for a perfectly prepared adult to handle. And to think, there will be another move coming again in a few short months.

Today marks the last full day with visitors and I'm hopeful that, once we get into a reasonable routine, Rowan will adapt and things will improve. And I've decided that once our house is officially sold, we will be splurging on babysitters on a regular basis.

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Stephanie said...

Yeah for babysitters! Yeah for real dates! Poor little Rowan, though . . . she will recover. She will, in fact, be a stronger, better, more compassionate person because she will have a little brother to love. Hang in there!