Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! I mean, Happy Easter!

Ah, what a lovely spring weekend. A good 15 inches of snow fell on Friday, much of it while I was on my way to Kalamazoo for Easter weekend. On my way there, both 131 and I94 were closed, as was Westnedge, the major road heading toward my mom's neighborhood. So, what could have potentially been an uneventful trip turned into my making up random country routes to get to Portage. I was quite pleased that I actually made it, despite my incompetence with directions. Of course, the Saturday Easter egg hunt was moved inside (to the library) so my mom took Rowan. Instead of hiding the eggs, they were all just put in large bins and the kids were limited to 30 eggs. Rowan had fun climbing in the bins, emptying out her eggs and giving away all of her candy. This will probably be the last year that she will have no clue what candy is and will happily give it all away. On Easter Sunday, Rowan and Tate got way too many gifts from Grandma. Rowan loved looking for eggs in the house and eating all of their contents. Lance and I laughed that we got away with giving her raisins, dried mango and Cheerios and she was as thrilled as could be. Of course the Diego basket and the Curious George coloring book were a hit, too.

Here we are, at my mom's house, spending the week while Lance is on a business trip in Chicago. I need to make it clear that, although Lance is working, and working hard, I'm pretty jealous. He is in Chicago, one of my favorite cities, and he is sleeping alone in a hotel room, without being woken up several times a night, sometimes for up to 3 hours at a time, by a hungry, wide awake baby. He didn't have to deal with his almost 2-year-old having diarrhea 5 times today and he's not currently listening to Rowan crying through the baby monitor. In fact, he is having dinner with an old high school friend. How can it be that I'm already needing a little getaway? I must say, though, that Rowan and I had fun making a snow bunny yesterday and bran muffins today and Tate is smiling more and more frequently which is pretty darn adorable. Tomorrow my mom won't be going to two Bible studies, so maybe I can beg her to take Rowan to the children's museum so she can do something fun and I can (please, please, please!) take a nap. Or maybe I can actually address a few birth announcements. One can dream...

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