Thursday, March 20, 2008

Projectile Poop

As the title suggests, we have been seeing our share of projectile poop recently. I'm pretty sure I remember this happening exactly one time with Rowan--when Lance was changing her--and we got quite a laugh out of it. Tate, on the other hand, seems to get nice and relaxed during a diaper change and just lets it all out. Frequently. More times than I can count, Tate has pooped during a diaper change and here is a short list of some things that have been caught in the line of fire: me (sweater and pants), Lance (hands, clothes), my mom (shirt, pants and FACE!), the bouncy seat (shhh...don't tell Connie who we're borrowing it from. We did thoroughly clean it, though), the wall of our bedroom, the cute soccer ball nightlight and a few rooms of carpeting. Wow! Please say this won't last all the way until potty training!

On another note, Rowan said "I love Baby Tate" today. Is there hope after all?

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Stephanie said...

I hate the projectile poop! Jemma was notorious for it, too, and it got so that it was happening more than 50% of the time, so sometimes, I'd just stand there, diaper held loosely as a shield, and wait for it. You, too, will develop some sort of coping method. Good luck with the cleaning and the laundry!