Friday, March 28, 2008

Soaking wet with a knot on her head...

is how Rowan left our playdate today. We met Susan and her girls at Monica and Brady's house for a playdate. All was going well until Monica and I decided to start looking at some houses on the computer. Susan went to take Lily to the bathroom and I hear her say "Oh no!" Jokingly I said "Did someone fall in?" Sure enough, Rowan ran in with them, climbed onto the toilet and fell right in--fully clothed. How sanitary! I no longer keep extra clothes for Rowan in the diaper bag, so I had to put her in a size 9 months boys romper that Monica had given us for Tate! It was way too short, but Rowan didn't seem to mind too much. I was laughing and I think she was a little embarrassed. Then Susan and I were talking and Rowan managed to fall off the couch onto the corner of the coffee table and hit her head. A bit of a rough day, but we all still had a great time. Rowan loved playing with her friends and I had a great time getting out, too.

We're back from my mom's, Lance is back from Chicago and life is seeming "normal" again. We don't have much planned for the weekend, which is really nice, and I heard a rumor that it's supposed to get into the 50s on Monday! So, we just might spend the weekend playing outside and maybe looking at a house or two!

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