Friday, March 7, 2008

Out and About

After a gentle nudge from Steph, I realized that it's okay to leave my newborn child in the care of someone else for a little while and get out of the house. I find myself longing to do something like go to Target, but I decided to indulge Rowan a little bit and take her out for some mommy/daughter time. Yesterday we ventured to the library for the annual book sale and I bought her a ridiculous amount of books that I had never heard of. But, she liked the covers so we went for it. Since we had to leave many of her books in Charlotte, I think we're both excited for some new titles.

Today Lance and I took her out to the Holland Area Arts Council where it was animal night. There were 2 owls, 2 snakes and a turtle. Rowan especially loved the big owl when it was "flying" (flapping it's wings). There were other little kids there and they all were dancing and having a great time. We then strolled down 8th Street for a bit, but it was too cold for me, so we headed home (after, of course, I bought a nutty paddle pop from the Peanut Store).

It's been a tough transition for Rowan and I'm sure that will only escalate when all of our company leaves. Yesterday Rowan seemed somewhat excited about Tate for a brief moment and asked if she could hold him. We set her up on the couch and put Tate on her lap. I took one picture before she took off his hat and knocked him over. Fortunately I had a feeling that might happen, so he landed softly on the couch and wasn't worried in the least. Rowan had a little talking to and I was at least able to snap a few pictures.

I'm very excited for a weekend with little to do (though we may drive around and look at some potential areas to live). I'm hopeful I may even be able to get out of the house alone for a bit, though I won't hold my breath. The sun has been out a few days in a row and I'm feeling spring just might be on it's way. Things are looking up!

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