Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes, it has been a long time...

So, I haven't exactly been updating my blog lately. But, in my defense, I have been busy. Really busy. I remember it being just a bit of a pain when Lance and I moved from our two-bedroom apartment in Holland, Michigan to Charlotte, NC just over 7 years ago. Okay, the moving company was disastrous, but I don't really remember the packing and unpacking being very laborious. Fast forward to six months ago when we packed up our 4-bedroom house to move back to Holland. Insane. Packing forever. Realizing that our only child is more spoiled than we ever wanted. So. Much. Stuff. And now to the present where we are moving everything we had already packed plus an alarming amount of things we have acquired in the past 6-months (including another baby!) and are now still in the unpacking process at our new home.

But, we love our house, though I'm a little perplexed by the small kitchen, and we're just kind of slowly going through boxes that are swamping our garage. Since I wasn't in love with our kitchen table and benches or our dining room table and chairs, we gave those away before we moved and now have nothing to sit on while we eat. So, we've been enjoying picnics on a blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor. Rowan loves her new very bright blue room, however, so much light comes through the windows that she wakes up at 7 every day when she previously slept until 9. She is also often skipping her nap. This makes for a very tired, very clingy small child and it is not fun for any of us. Tate has finally made the transition into a real crib after sleeping in a Pack N Play for 4 full months.

Speaking of Tate, he rolled over for the first time on Sunday. His 4-month appointment was yesterday. I can't believe he's growing up so quickly! He weighed in at 15 pounds, 5 ounces and 25 inches. He is huge! Things were going well until the doctor checked his hips and Tate immediately started screaming. The doctor could feel clicking and is relatively certain Tate has hip dysplasia. So, we have to go for an ultrasound at DeVos Children's Hospital and then will be dealing with a few months of leg braces (best case scenario) or surgery and traction (worst case scenario). Or maybe we'll find out it's something different completely. I'm choosing not to stress about it until I know what I need to be stressing about. The ideal is to catch it before 3 months of age and we didn't do that, but hopefully it won't be too terrible for any of us.

Lance is on a business trip this week, but we're very looking forward to a relaxed three-day weekend. A few things on the schedule, some boxes to unpack, but hopefully a little time to relax, too.

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Stephanie said...

Gina! We totally have a spare dining room table and chairs in our garage/basement! Let me know if you want them . . . and call when you want to get together in the next week or two, once you're all settled.