Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's Somethin' in My Nose, Mom

With Lance out of town, I was really ready for a break this morning. My mom came to watch the kids while I went to Holland to get my hair cut--finally! It's amazing that in 10 weeks my hair goes from short to long and completely out of control. Tate somehow slept the entire time I was gone so my mom didn't have to worry about feeding him. Rowan had a great time and even took a nap! When I started to hear her stir, I went into her room prepared to cuddle. She looked at me, stood up on her bed and said "There's somethin' in my nose, Mom." Note that I am now "Mom"--no longer "Mama" or "Mommy"--so sad. I looked in and, sure enough, way up there, is a perfect white sphere. I said "Rowan, what is it?" She said "I don't know, Mom, what is it?" She said she found it on the floor. I looked around and didn't see any more. I checked her stuffed animals to see if one was falling apart and then I got to work on the nose. I tried tweezers, a q-tip and even a pointy nail file to no avail. Rowan of course, was flailing around and screaming. Tate, thankfully, was sleeping. I knew I would be too late to get her to the pediatrician before they closed and wasn't too thrilled on going to Urgent Care the second time this week. So, we worked and worked until she finally blew it right out of her nose. I still have no idea what it was, but I am hoping that putting things up her nose does not become the epidemic that taking off her diaper was. Because I can't use duct tape this time.

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