Monday, June 16, 2008

A Missing Croc

A few hours at the park, meeting up with my mom for a few minutes during her bike around Holland, reading books and, of course, Rowan attempting to change her own diaper during naptime AGAIN! Post-naptime laundry is just becoming part of my daily life and I think Rowan actually looks forward to it. She can't wait to push the blinking blue button to start the machine and watch it spin around. Do I honestly have to use duct tape to keep her diaper on? The backward sleepsack only worked a few times. She has now mastered both unzipping the sleepsack as well as wriggling her small body out through the neck opening. Any ideas here would be appreciated.

Tonight Lance and I needed to go to a fence place to look at different fences and try to decide what we want for our new house. Tate cried the entire way there, the whole time we were there and the whole way home. Rowan somehow lost a shoe while we were there, one of her new purple Mary Jane crocs, but we, of course, didn't realize it until we got home. So, I put the kids to bed, Lance drove all the way back there and got the Croc and now we're home and I can't wait to curl up in bed with my book, Stealing Buddha's Dinner (thanks, Steph).

Speaking of my current book, there is a page in the book that descibes an annoyance of mine--deliberate misspelling. I know some people aren't great at spelling, that I often hit the wrong key and end up with misspelled words, that anyone can make a spelling error. Though some of these errors irritate me, what is much worse is when this is done ON PURPOSE! Here is the scenario in the book "...some of us would walk down the road to the little convenience store half a mile away. I loved and loathed this store. Loved because it was the only purveyor of candy and joy to be found. Loathed because it was called Kountry Korner...Why, oh, why, I wondered, couldn't it have been called Country Corner? There was no need to use K's instead of C's." My feelings exactly. There was a salon in Charlotte called I Kut Hair. Every time Lance and I drove past that place, I would tense up and say "Gross. That is just disgusting that they use a K instead of a C." Lance would let me know that, although it might be irritating, it's not really disgusting. But, it really does disgust me. And, for some odd reason, changing a C to a K is a worse offense than changing other letters, though those are, of course, still offensive as well. Not that I would frequent a salon called "I Cut Hair" anyway.


Heather said...

FYI - I passed an SUV today advertising for a business: Hypnotik Tattooz. I thought of you and laughed!

Stephanie said...

Oh!!!! This offends me so much! I think for two reasons - 1. Why???? It's not better/cuter when you misspell it. 2. The under-educated children of America need no help in being terrible spellers as it is. Don't make it worse and more confusing!

I'm glad you are liking the book. As for Rowan's "my change my diaper" - hmmmmm. I got nothin. Does a onesie stop her?