Thursday, July 17, 2008


We finally have working internet at our house! It has been a long time coming and I feel I have lost touch with the world. It's amazing how much I now depend on something I had used very infrequently before college.

Updates from the Pellow home-

1. After a long morning at DeVos Children's Hospital, we found out that Tate's hips are fine! Yeah! So all of those hours in the Baby Bjorn haven't hurt our little man. Really, I would have been completely crushed if I couldn't carry him around that way. I tried putting him in a stroller for the first time (yes, it's ridiculous, he's very spoiled, but we both prefer the Bjorn) and he cried the entire time. No different than a car seat for him, I suppose. Other than that, he's happy all of the time until nap time. Then, when we try to put him down, there is a remarkable amount of crying which never turns into sleep. So, I cuddle him until he falls asleep and then put him down. He sleeps pretty well once he's asleep, but getting him to sleep is the trick. Especially when Rowan is in the room playing with his toys and demanding that I read her a book. I am also sporting some pretty hickeys on my shoulders from Tate sucking on them anytime I wear sleeveless. So, I've taken to wearing short sleeves which means I have an attractive farmer's tan as well as some healing hickeys. Cute summer look.

2. Though we still have no artwork on the walls and have a few more things to do, we are finally starting to feel settled. There is furniture in every room (and finally a kitched table and chairs!) and we are really loving our house and neighborhood. Several of the neighbors have stopped over and there are lots and lots of kids (though many of them are older than Rowan and Tate). Our fence is coming the first week of August and we've met a few potential babysitters. All is well.

3. Rowan continues to change her own diaper. Of course, that's just what she calls it. What it means is I get to clean up poop after naps. I got so mad at her last time she said "I'm scared of you, Mommy." Is that a good thing or a bad thing? She talks constantly about everything and is so adorable most of the time. However, I'm a little concerned about Rowan's social skills. She has lately thrown sand on her friends, dumped water on their heads (and her own) and walked around putting dog food down her shirt (which, of course, made Lily put dog food down her shirt). The thing is, Rowan isn't doing these things to be mean, she actually thinks it's fun to dump sand and water on her own head and doesn't understand why it would be a problem to do this to someone else. She also thinks it's very funny when someone falls and gets hurt and will reenact the situation over and over. When Ally fell down a step at our house and landed on the floor and cried, Rowan would throw herself down the steps, land on the floor, fake cry, get up and do it again. Should I be concerned?

4. Lots of new babies have been born. Anders, Charlotte and Georgia are all here. Can't wait to meet the local ones and can't wait to shop for fun things.

5. I've really missed my little blog and feel I've missed out on the past month or so. So, I'm glad to be back.

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