Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't we just pay someone to do that?

Since Lance will be gone for a couple of nights, I went out to do some grocery shopping after the kids went to bed. I told Lance on my way out the door, "If you could clean whatever needs it, that would be great." I'm thinking to myself that I probably won't get too much done with Lance out of town and my in-laws are coming this weekend, so it's time to vaccuum, dust, clean up, etc. Here is what I come home to--a disassembled laptop and a disassembled desktop. I said "What's going on with the computers?" Lance said "I took the airport card out of the laptop and am going to try to put it in the desktop." What? My first thought is: How is this a priority over cleaning? My second thought is: Here we go again. Though I certainly give him credit for trying, Lance is really not a do-it-yourselfer. Past attempts at fixing things have led to bigger problems which have caused us to call in the professionals, so my thought is, why not just call them in the first place? But, alas, it's 11 at night, Lance is still working on the computers (I am currently borrowing his work computer), the house still needs to be cleaned and we will get to spend exactly no time together before his business trip. And there is a distinct possibility I will be left with two broken computers as well. Ah, good times.

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