Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Silver Belt

A busy weekend--a garage sale with the McGowan's, bike rides, lots of ice cream and, of course, continued "My change my diaper" episodes. This really has become an epidemic. And I can't handle it. Cleaning sheets, cleaning blankies, cleaning stuffed animals, cleaning comforters, cleaning carpet. We've tried everything we can think of to get this to stop. Wearing the sleep sack backward, wearing pajamas that are very hard to get off, wearing a diaper with a pull-up over it. But when I get her up in the morning or from her nap, she is naked. Now instead of saying "My change my diaper", she says "Bad girl." Did I really look at her and say "Bad girl"? Have I mistaken my child for a dog? THIS HAS TO STOP!

So, tonight, Rowan is sporting a brand new "silver belt" over her diaper. Yes, this is a strip of duct tape. And no, I don't feel this is over the top in any way, shape or form. It's the natural progression to the next level of trying to outwit my 2-year-old daughter. If she wakes up naked tomorrow, I'll be begging for new ideas. So, start thinking now.

Slightly more exciting news...Lance and I finally feel moved into our house. With the exception of putting things on the wall, everything is unpacked and relatively organized. We still have a list of things we'd like to buy (sleeper sofa (if you've seen a cute one anywhere, let me know. I seem to be finding weird fabrics and microfiber), flat panel TV, a few cute chairs, a swingset), but the actual house is looking pretty good! Our fence is coming the first week in August (with a very shocking price tag, but I still can't wait) and hopefully a swingset will come soon after. So, come on over!

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Stephanie said...

So . . . . .? I am dying to know: did the silver belt work? (And for the record, I do not think it is extreme in the least. In fact, I may have done it after the very first poop-clean-up episode. I am a wimp when it comes to bodily excretions.) I hope it was your perfect solution!!!!