Monday, July 21, 2008

Ode to Duct Tape

Ah, the sweet sound of silence. No cleaning. No scrubbing. Just sweet sleeping children, both of whom are currently wearing a diaper. Yes, the silver belt has (at least presently) solved our poop problems. I went to get Rowan after her nap (though she didn't actually sleep) and she was playing in her room, naked, with the exception of her diaper and the amazing silver belt. And, since we marketed the belt to Rowan as a fun accessory, she thinks it's great. She asks for her silver belt any time she has a diaper change, but we reserve it for naptime and bedtime. When we cut the diaper off, she says "Poor little silver belt." I'm really getting my hopes up, but I can't imagine any way she can escape this one.

This new wonderful use for duct tape reminds me a bit of the 99 Pull Team ("Awesome Pull Team") and the very odd, humorous things I remember happening. Here's a very short, not at all complete list of some things that might make you laugh ("you" referring to Steph and Heather. Sorry, Mike, I'm sure you loathe all things Pull like Lance, but really you know that's what the cool kids did). One thing I think I remember is that the coaches tried to get Mike Z to eat something (a graham cracker? a granola bar?) without using his hands. He was unsuccessful. Does anyone else remember this? Also, after completing 99 push-ups, I remember listening to my alarm the next morning without having any use of my arms and trying to figure out how to push the snooze button. Lots of insane throwing up, Koop's punctured lung, singing songs to our pullers in the basement of some dorm while they all cried (what was that?), going to the Kappa Chi house where one of our coaches lived(what was her name?) and having to rub Buddha's belly, Anchor Matt ("It's all in the thighs"), Lissa's multi-use kneepads, feeling like the whole "recruitment" meeting was a bit like a haunted house, drinking lots of tea with lemon, making funny pit signs and pit names with Mike ("Crazy Fun Pit aka Pit O' Death" our freshman year and "The Banana Tree of Death" our sophomore year). Oh, the good times we had. Ooh-rah.


Heather said...

I just need to say that the name "Lissa" makes me laugh right up to the point of tears. Then I have to sigh for the poor, poor wash cloth I donated to her cause.

I'm marching down to the basement right this second to dig up your "Buck" T shirt that I uncovered during our move. In just a few short weeks it can be returned to it's rightful owner. Aren't you excited?!

Maybe you should wear it around the house for Lance. He'll love it!

Stephanie said...

I apparently have no memory, since I hardly remember any of those things. I do have to question the absence of any reference to Billy the Kim; what Pull post would be complete without it? Good times . . .