Monday, July 28, 2008

Eight Years

Today is our eighth anniversary. In those eight years, we have owned 7 cars (Jeep, Intrepid, Jetta, Lumina, Volvo, XTerra, Odyssey), lived in 5 different places (apartment in Holland, apartment in Charlotte, house in Charlotte, house in Holland, house in Byron Center), had 3 pets (Harley, Sebastian and Stan the newt who was buried at our first Charlotte apartment in a ceremony complete with flowers that I later saw the neighbor girl Britney carrying around), and have 2 adorably cute kids. We have had times of complete bliss and times of absolute chaos. And I can't think of anyone in the world I'd want to share all of that with other than Lance.

We spent a nice weekend in Chicago. Rowan hung out at Grandma Jackie's while we relaxed with Tate in downtown Chicago. A long boat ride, an outdoor concert, lots of shopping, good food and an amazing massage at the hotel on Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure Lance and I had decided that Chicago was our gift to each other so I didn't even think of a gift for Lance. But he, of course, was prepared with a poem, a bag and a massage appointment. And I was empty-handed for him. He claimed he didn't recall any conversation about gifts. Nonetheless I'm feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing. So, I'll have to come up with a great plan for a late anniversary gift. Off to think...

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Stephanie said...

I can totally hear your voice doing the word "Britney" and it is going to make me crack up for the rest of the day.

Happy Anniversary!