Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

We closed on our new house on Friday (yeah!), did some packing and went to the beach on Saturday and actually didn't have much to do today. The kids gave Lance his presents (handpainted canvasses, a traditional Father's Day kids book and a great porch swing) and we spent most of the day playing. I actually took a nice, long nap and then we went out for pizza and ice cream. The kids were in pretty good moods, Rowan did surprisingly well at the restaurant and was very adorable wishing Lance "Happy Father's Day" and now Lance is out on a bike ride by himself.

It's Lance's third Father's Day as Rowan's dad and his first one as Tate's dad. So, of course I am happy for that and we had a great day. But, it's also my third Father's Day without my own dad which just makes the day a little bittersweet. There are so many things I miss about my dad--the "Rowe" sense of humor, his amazing culinary skills, his great advice--but I think what I miss the most is something I never had and that is watching him be a grandpa. He was so excited to meet Rowan and I know he would have been an amazing grandfather. I can still remember when I told my parents I was pregnant. I was almost 12 weeks along and I was in town for my mom's birthday. The first gift I gave her was a bib that said "I love my Grandma". She took it out and my dad said "Why are you giving your mom a bib?" Then it sunk in. He was absolutely thrilled. He would always send me e-mails asking how things were going and saying how excited he was.

So, on this Father's Day, make sure you take time to enjoy your husbands and your dads and make memories that will last forever.

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