Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Little Bity Self

Lately Rowan has been saying and doing things that are so funny. I always mean to come home and write them down, but I never do, and by the time I come to blog, I've forgotten them. One thing she's been doing quite a bit lately is calling herself "my little bity self". She likes to have us sit in a row on the edge of the bathtub and she'll say "Mommy on one side, Daddy on one side, my little bity self in middle". Today she was referring to her shoes as Freddy and Eddy and wore a Dora sock on just one of her feet.

Earlier in the week we played at Tunnel Park and Rowan rolled down the dune. She loved it! We also had a playdate with Monica, Brady, Susan, Lily and Ally on Wednesday and then another one on Thursday with Con, Steph, Annie, Ben, Jemma and Sam. The hope for that playdate was to go to the beach or at least the park, but instead we had a thunderstorm. And that has been the theme of the week. Thunderstorms. Loud, long thunderstorms with lots and lots of rain. Today the rain took a break in the morning and we went to the beach--yeah! Yesterday we went to visit Eric, Thy and Nathan and went to Greek Fest and had a great time. We managed to take zero pictures. Nathan is absolutely adorable and at 5 months has already had 4 haircuts.

Tomorrow Rowan starts gymnastics. I'm really hoping it goes well and Tate is a little angel in his Baby Bjorn.

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Heather said...

Ahh, Gina - you know you can count on me for a good disgusting habit! Of course I swirl my wet clumps of hair on the shower wall. In fact, I have exactly two shower tiles designated for it. The only thing is, I take the 2nd shower of the day, and I usually remember to take out the dry hair in the afternoon. So, Mike doesn't actually have to shower with my hair balls. But now that you've inspired me to try out the artwork, maybe I'll start leaving it for Mike to admire. He's certain to be pleased!