Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our own room

This weekend, Tate finally moved into his own room. I guess three months is long enough for all of us to be sharing a room. But, I kind of miss the little guy. He's just too precious when he's all swaddled up, sleeping so contentedly. He's so much fun lately--enjoying playing, trying to roll over, watching Rowan constantly. Tomorrow will be his 100-day birthday! One thing I enjoy about having our room back is rediscovering reading in bed. I've always been one to read until I fall asleep. But, with a sleeping infant next to me, I've been way too worried about turning on a light, making noise while turning pages, laughing out loud. So, I'm back to reading and loving every minute of it. I'm currently reading Wicked and have a long, long list of books I want to read. Feel free to share any titles you love!

Some things we've done lately. Wagon rides, going to the beach (where all Rowan does is throw sand in the water), lots and lots of sidewalk chalk, Lily's 3rd birthday party at the zoo (Rowan's favorite animals were the otters and the bear), several trips to Captain Sundae (Rowan's favorite answer when I ask what she wants to do is "Go to the Captain!"), a playdate at Susan's which included a walk to Reed's Lake where the kids got out and ran around and Rowan played with none other than goose poop (Steph, I almost called to see if you wanted to join us, but I was being very irresponsible and ignored naptime completely) and a stop for ice cream. We've been trying to get the kids to have overlapping naps lately and yesterday and today Lance and I got to take naps, too! We had a great family weekend and I'm looking forward to a date night on Tuesday for Lance's birthday!

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Stephanie said...

Yeah for your reading! I hate not reading before bed during the sleep-deprived newborn stage, too. And Happy Birthday to Lance - I hope the date night was wonderful! See you Thurs.!