Thursday, June 12, 2008

"My change my diaper, Mommy!"

The day started out just fine. Rowan actually listened (at least part of the time) at gymnastics. We came home, played, made lunch, and I put both children to bed. Except, of course, Rowan wouldn't sleep. Since the gate is now in place, she can't get out of her room, but she can open the door, peek over the gate and tell me that she's not tired. I decided to go in my room, close the door and ignore her, hoping that she'd get tired and fall asleep. After listening to her talk for quite a while, I decided that it's hopeless and headed in there, only to find her, naked, extremely excited, holding a clean diaper. "My change my diaper, Mommy!" she said. She took her dirty diaper off in bed, got out a wipe and really did try to change her own diaper. I have to give her credit for being independent. But, I was not thrilled about the clean-up on my end. Lots of laundry. Also, a complete meltdown when she had to pick up her sidewalk chalk later. Long, long day.

When Lance got home, he said "Do you want to go see the street performers downtown?" I said "No, but you're more than welcome to go and take the kids." And, to my surprise, he did. It was his first venture out alone with the kids and I think it went surprisingly well. Rowan had a great time. She watched lots of performances and asked the balloon man to make her a baboon. She was very excited about the baboon until she bit his nose and it popped.

Tomorrow we close on our house! Yeah! Then we move in the next weekend and I absolutely cannot wait! Though, I will say, I'm pretty much loving Holland in the summer. Cute downtown, tons of things going on, walking distance to the beach. I keep reminding myself that summer is short and I hated being here all winter. Plus, it's a short drive to come into town.

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