Saturday, November 10, 2007

Official Member of the Minivan Mafia

Well, it's official. Though we actually purchased our minivan almost a month ago, I found anytime I went anywhere without Rowan, I was driving my beloved SUV. But, the day had to come when we actually sold the XTerra and I learned to embrace the minivan. And, it turns out, that day was today. We sold the car and now I'm left with two equally exciting choices--a Honda Odyssey and a Volvo wagon. Though neither car screams "cool", I am actually loving the minivan--especially the DVD package.

Though Rowan is not allowed to watch TV at home (and hasn't wanted to the few times I tried), she's all about the DVDs in the car. As soon as we get into the car, she yells "DVD" and I have to convince her that on this particular very short trip, we won't be watching the DVD. Which means that I'll be singing songs. The whole time. Even a short trip can seem long while singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Baa Baa, Black Sheep", her two currrent favorites. Though Rowan is loving the DVDs, we really don't have many and the choices she has are all "Baby Einstein" or "Baby Genius". I'm really thinking the marketing ploys for these DVDs must be amazing because I personally just don't get it. Yes, Rowan likes to watch the rain fall on the flowers and the kids play Ring Around the Rosie. And she even seems to enjoy the classical music playing in the background. But I'm wondering why there is no language whatsoever on these things. I mean, wouldn't she learn more if she were told what she was looking at? I guess this is why such videos are made for parents to watch with children. So I can explain what's going on. Unfortunately that doesn't work when the screen is behind me and I need to focus on the road.

On another topic, Rowan and I both have colds. Nothing huge, but running after a toddler to wipe her nose every few seconds just doesn't go over so well. Especially when I am trying to blow my own nose. So, we're both hoping to get better soon. In spite of the colds we watched Grady all day for Sarah. He was amazingly good and pretty laid back. But I was reminded of a bad habit that I'm quite glad Rowan hasn't started yet--throwing. Grady throws anything and everything and the kid has quite an arm! I think we were able to get through the day without Rowan catching on (or at least not finding it funny enough to copy).

After watching Grady and selling the car, Lance and I were excited to go to Beantown Tavern for a very yummy dinner. I got the crab cakes (as always) and was delightfully satisfied but, of course, still ready for some hot cocoa at home. Once we got home (just a few minutes ago), we put Rowan to bed and settled down to relax in front of the television. I'm not sure what it is, but Lance seems to have a really hard time settling on something to watch. First he was watching a movie that was clearly already well into the plotline. Then it was some odd sci-fi dinosaur movie and then something about cat acupuncture. I couldn't handle it, so here I am, blogging. I must admit it's much more satisfying that seeing a pet therapist poke needles into a very cranky cat.

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Stephanie said...

Not sure how I feel about the thought of G. Rowe driving a minivan . . . you are the first to fall, my friend. I hope not to follow in your footsteps, but we will see . . . the DVD thing does sound pretty tempting, although Jemma, not Annie, is the one who has difficulty with the car rides. Enjoy your Sunday!