Monday, November 5, 2007

What would I do without gymnastics?

Today Rowan made up a gymnastics class that she missed while we were on vacation. Where we would be without this class I am not sure. She just loves it. We walk in, take off socks and shoes and she takes off running and doesn't stop until circle time 45 minutes later. She's actually getting pretty good at sitting on my lap during circle time, too, as she can't wait to get the stamp on her hand at the end. I am so glad I signed her up for this and will definitely sign her up every session from here on out. Today she was very into playing with and rolling the hula hoops and the huge ball and she also seems to be getting over her fear of the foam pit.

After gymnastics we went to play with Trang and Nathan and then came home where Rowan (finally and thankfully) took a nice, long nap. I had time to assemble dinner, pick up a bit and read. When Rowan woke up, I didn't have to run around getting dinner ready and, even though she wasn't in quite as good of a mood as the morning, the afternoon/evening was actually somewhat enjoyable.

Now I have showered and am sitting on the couch relaxing and looking forward to sipping hot cocoa and possibly indulging in staying up until (gasp) 10:30 to watch The Hills (one of my terrible pop culture indulgences).

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Stephanie said...

Yippee!!!!!!! I love reading your blog! And I love thinking about puny, adorable Rowan in gymnastics. Annie has been requesting it, so I think we're going to have to add it to our spring "schedule." Should be fun to wrangle Jemma while Annie bounces around a padded room.