Tuesday, November 20, 2007

75 and Sunny

This is the weather today--and yesterday and tomorrow, presumably. I'm just loving it. Both yesterday and today Rowan and I spent all morning playing at the park. Yesterday we went with some mom friends of mine and today we went with some moms from church. I noticed something while I was there that made me just a bit envious. The other moms (with kids the same age as Rowan) can somehow stand around and talk while their kids play. Now, depending on Rowan's mood, she may or may not play by herself. But, I can guarantee I could not just let her play while I talked. Rowan is a bit of a daredevil. I must be within an arms length of her. She is fast and has no fear. She will climb on anything and slide down anything regardless of her ability (or lack thereof) to actually complete the task she started. Even with my obsessive parenting, we managed to make it to the end of the playdate with a scraped nose and bloody knee (and I purposely made her wear long pants to avoid this). She also had ingested a few goldfish crackers she found on the ground and probably several other equally germ-free snacks. But, I enjoy Rowan's spunk and am glad she's not scared of much (except, of course, large characters).

We made a quick trip to Trader Joe's (one of the many stores I am really going to miss) to stock up on yummy food and then headed home where Rowan ate lunch and took an hour to get to sleep. While in her crib, she was repeating things over and over again. First it was "baby bear, baby bear", then "mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy", then "no mail, no mail". And on it went. But, she finally is sleeping and I'm (obviously) accomplishing nothing. So, I guess I'm off to get a few things done before running all over town tonight in an attempt to help Lance out a bit with his event.

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