Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's Go, Bobcats

Today was our moms group luncheon at church. This is exciting for two reasons:
1. food--lots and lots of delicious, homemade food. I, instead, took the easy road and signed up for drinks and cups. But, I was still able to enjoy quiche, cheesecake and a multitude of other wonderful foods.
2. extended child care--Instead of leaving at noon, Rowan got to stay in her class until 1, which meant I got to hang out and socialize with adults. Rowan did a good job in class but, of course, stole food from the other kids. I went to pick her up and the teacher said "She did great. We went outside, had two singing times and two story times. She ate her lunch, but she also ate Min Su's apples." I said "Rowan, what did you do today?" She said "play, eat, eat". I said "Did you steal Min Su's apples?" She said "Yeah". Well, there you go, I guess she's willing to admit it.

This afternoon, Kelly called and invited me to the Bobcats game tonight. I called Lance at work and begged him to skip his soccer game so I could have time out with a friend. Of course he skipped his game. Then I called Miriam to see if I could skip a day of tutoring. She was not as receptive as Lance and convinced me to bring Rowan along, have her mom watch Rowan, and have me work with her before the game. So, that's what I did. However, Rowan fell and split her lip on the table and the tutoring session was pretty much over after that.

After the less than successful tutoring session, Kelly came and picked me up in her very un-mom-like convertible and we were on our way. The drive didn't start out great as we saw a really bad accident and had to call 911. Scary. But we decided the people must be okay, we did what we could and we were on our way to see the Bobcats take on the Miami Heat. We had a great time talking and watching our team actually win against the insanely huge Shaq. We were 10 rows back and couldn't get over just how large he actually is. It was really nice to get away, do something fun and feel a bit like an adult. Plus it was really warm outside and fun to walk around uptown and remember that I actually live in a big city with skyscrapers, a stadium and a great arena--and things to do other than clean, go grocery shopping, play at the park and tutor. So, Kelly, thanks for the night out.

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