Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Crafts

Since we were stuck inside most of last week, Rowan and I made some fall crafts to pass the time. We made yummy applesauce, salt dough ghosts, a fall tree, lots of pumpkins and some leaf collages and animals. Rowan has names all 7 of her ghosts (Rowan, Tate, Lily, Baby Ally, Boo and 2 others whose names I can't remember) and likes to set them around the house--in Tate's exersaucer, in his high chair, on other chairs and I discover them when I sit on them or try to put Tate on top of them. She also often has little imaginary friends, lately Max and Emma have been making appearances (I think these may be characters on Dragon Tales which she watched for about 10 minutes one day last week while I was putting Tate down for a nap). When she woke up diaperless from her nap, she informed me that Emma took off her diaper. Though being covered in poop, she couldn't blame the fingerpainting on Emma.

Here are some pictures of a few of Rowan's crafts and a cute one of Tate for good measure.

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