Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we went trick-or-treating with our two little monkeys around our neighborhood. They were too adorable with their monkey suits and banana bags (yes, I actually made them!) Rowan had so much fun saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" and, of course, getting candy. Even more fun for her, however, was handing out the candy to the other trick-or-treaters. She would stand at the door, candy in hand, saying "Here come some more kids! Here they come!" and then would "toss" the candy into the bags. Rowan is still scared of masked people and today the costume that scared her the most was Hillary Clinton. Tate barely napped at all today, which is not like him at all, and he fell asleep during the trick-or-treating experience.

The rest of the week has been both busy and lazy. We didn't leave the house much for most of the week for two reasons: 1. Rowan is potty training and I didn't want to take too many chances with long outings. 2. We've had some work done at our house and I needed to be here for some of the workers.

Potty-training is going surprisingly well. The first few days Rowan had several accidents, then had a few days with no accidents (however, there was still a terrible nap-time poop painting incident) and then today she had one accident. Needless to say, I think it's going pretty well. We went to Target today and Rowan picked out some new Elmo big-girl underwear.

As for the work on our house, we now have a larger, nicer deck with stairs to get to the back yard, so we no longer have to let the dogs out into our yard through the basement windows. We also have a nice playset for Rowan complete with swings, a playhouse, a picnic table and a little rock wall. She loves it. With this strange 64 degree weather today, we spent most of the afternoon outside playing. Tate loved the swing and Rowan loved everything. I'm so excited for the great weather forecasted for the next few days.

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