Friday, November 21, 2008

First Steps, First Signs

We're here in Naperville, along with Lance's parents, visiting Monica, Robert, Hope and Grace. Both kids did great in the car and we're having a great time here. Lance, Rowan, Tate and I are all staying in the same room--Lance and I in a bed, Tate in a Pack-n-Play and Rowan in a sleeping bag in her princess tent (and feeling so grown-up about it). Tate woke up 3 times last night and, though he may have fallen back asleep on his own, I couldn't risk Rowan waking up, so I got up immediately and fed him. Just hoping this doesn't become a habit.

Yesteday Tate decided to surprise everyone and take a few steps on his own. He really doesn't even stand on his own for more than a few seconds, but he takes a few little wide-stanced sumo steps and then falls over. He's still a few days shy of 9 months and, though he's very proud of himself, I think he's growing up too fast!

A few days ago, I thought Tate might have been trying to sign "more". He would put his hands together and get all excited. I'm still not so sure he is really doing "more", but today he certainly started waving "hi". I'm going to try to get video of both milestones and post it soon!

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