Monday, November 3, 2008

70. Sunny. November.

In stark contrast to last week, when we were holed up inside, this week we will be outside as much as possible. Potty-training is going well. No need to stay home. And the weather is absolutely perfect.

I am loving this weather. All morning was spent outside. During Tate's morning nap, Rowan and I played on her new playset in the backyard. We just got it installed on Thursday and it's already been worth it. After nap, we walked to the park. And I'm sure we'll be outside again when the kids get up from their afternoon naps. It's actually warmer here than in Charlotte and is supposed to be warm the next 2-3 days as well. I'm sort-of even contemplating a trip to the beach. Of course the water would be freezing, but Rowan kind of just likes to play in the sand, anyway. I'm guessing I'll be drinking in the sun as much as humanly possible before my deep winter depression sets in and I'm rarely seen out of my house. Hope you're all loving it as much as we are!

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