Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tate's New Moves, Part II

It's official. As of a few days ago, the rocking became crawling. It's a nice, slow pace at this point, but Tate is definitely mobile. No more laying him down on the floor in the living room to play while I unload the dishwasher. He will most certainly not be there when I finish. No more plopping him in the playroom with the small choking hazards Rowan loves to play with. He will most certainly find them. And he's quite adorable, looking all determined, while he crawls around. I am excited for his milestone, but am realizing just how much my dogs shed as it all ends up on his clothes. Tate also now has his two front top teeth to go along with those bottom ones. My little guy is growing up! And, according to Rowan, Tate is her "BFF".

As a family, we have been busy lately. Zeeland Pumpkin Fest, Hope's Alumni soccer game, a trip to Grandma Jackie's for her birthday, a day at the zoo. We're doing our best to take advantage of the last little bit of decent weater before outdoor activities require many more layers.

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