Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice Mushroom!

A few funny things Rowan has said recently:

This morning, after three days of not shaving, Lance asked Rowan what was on his face. She said "It's a mushroom, Daddy."

Tonight, while I was wearing my white bathrobe: "Mommy, you're married already? You're wearing your wedding dress?"

Today, while taking Harley to the vet: "Will Harley's doctor give her a kiss and a band-aid?"

In the car on Saturday, after we tried to go to the end of The Pull (which didn't work out so well since it ended in 67 minutes instead of 3 hours): "Are we at the pool yet? Where's the pool? Can we go to the pool now?"

When she swings from her hook-on high chair: "I'm just doing some aerobics, Mommy."

When I ask her why she is taking off all of her clothes, which is occurring several times daily: "I'm just getting a little bit naked, Mom."

When she wants to do something with Tate that he can't do yet (play Ring Around the Rosie, eat pumpkin seeds, have a race): "Tate can do it when he gets bigger. He's getting bigger and bigger every day."

It's so funny to hear her vision of the world. She is growing up so quickly and has her own ideas of what she wants to do, what she wants to wear, how she wants her hair. She's all about hot pink, loves playing outside, going to the park, playing with (and eating) sidewalk chalk and is still quite a mommy's girl.

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